About MilenSea

With the desire to care for and preserve the Asian beauty of Vietnamese women, MilenSea Retail cosmetics company officially distributes three premium cosmetic brands - Gold Elements, Aqua Mineral, and Botanifique in the Vietnamese market.

Gold Elements provides optimal treatment with pure Gold ingredients, rare Truffle mushroom extract, Caviar; offers a comprehensive skincare solution.

Aqua Mineral is a high-end cosmetic line using the essence of the Dead Sea - water, sea salt, and Dunaliella Salina algae, which are researched and created from the world's most advanced and modern technologies to treat aging skin problems.

Botanifique is a harmonious combination between ancient wisdom and cosmetic inventions, helping you shine with radiant beauty from the inside out. All the herbal essences in Botanifique products are extracted without chemicals to help keep the ingredients pure and keep the integrity of the herb.

We have a system of 11 stores in Singapore and more than 13 stores in major shopping centers in big cities: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang.